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Iwaki Gauge Co., Ltd.

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Iwaki Gauge Co., Ltd.
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Designing and manufacturing of precision ball screws and machining of precision prototypes at Ota-ku, Japan

Iwaki Gauge Co., Ltd.
Iwaki Gauge Co., Ltd.

Iwaki Gauge Co., Ltd. has been devoted in manufacturing highest-quality products under our motto of "more precise machining in shorter turnaround time."


Iwaki Gauge started its business by manufacturing only gauges in 1962. Since then we have expanded our business to high precision products such as tools, jigs, and prototype machining. At present, our main products are precision ball screws and precision feed screws, both of which are produced in standard production line.


Under the catchphrase of "Challenge the world in the field of high-precision machining," Iwaki Gauge continues to work toward developing new technologies, centering on manufacturing of precision ball screws.


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